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How to get cash for your house.

Our aim is to simplify the process of selling your home by making it quick, certain and transparent.

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Step 1

Get a cash offer
on your house.

Fill out the online form, and instantly receive a cash offer range for your property. The initial range provides a fair and competitive estimate of what we will offer you, which will be refined once we've confirmed some details with you.

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Step 2

Have an expert verify the value of your home

We will help you with the paperwork, and an independent RICS qualified surveyor and local estate agent will assess your property and provide an unbiased valuation you can trust.

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Step 3

Complete your sale
and receive funds

When the survey is completed, we’ll finalise the paperwork. You can rely on us to transfer you the cash when you want it.

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Step 4

A bonus on the horizon

A fast sale doesn't mean you have to lose out on getting a good price. When we resell your property, there's a chance you’ll earn more. We share the majority of the upside with you, offering a second payment when we resell.

Our ground-breaking four step process offers more than just speed; it's a commitment to certainty, fairness, ease and shared success.

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Get a cash offer in 7 days

Our aim is to simplify the process of selling
your home by making it quick, certain and transparent.
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Estate Agents vs UPSTIX

We’ll typically make an offer around 85% of the market value.
Estate Agents
Longer process
It takes on average 5-7 Months to sell in the UK.
Potential delays
Until contracts are exchanged, there is no knowing how long your sale will take.
We prioritise speed
We can give you an offer subject to survey within 24 hours.
Sellers can choose a closing date that suits their timeline.
Estate Agents
Higher costs
Estate agents on average will command a 2% commission rate on the sale of your property.
Unrealistic valuations
Homes sold on average at 22% less than original listing price.
Transparent and quick cash offer
Appealing to sellers who want to know how much they will receive for their property.
Realistic valuations
We typically offer 85-90% of market value.
Estate Agents
There is a higher risk of deals falling through. 1 in 3 sales fall through in the UK. This could be higher in times where buyers face financing issues, or where they think they can negotiate a lower price at the last minute.
No surprises
When we make an offer, we will buy it, we will not change our mind.
You can choose when you want to move, we work around you.

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Customer testimonials


Another sale saved thanks to Alex McDermott and his team at Upstix. As an agent I work with vendors who find themselves unable to secure their new home because they can’t sell fast enough or are at risk of losing their purchase because their sale has fallen through. Alex has personally just gone the extra mile to ensure that one of my clients can complete in time to buy their new home. Alex offered the highest price of any fast buy company and worked tirelessly to get the deal across the line in time. Thanks Alex, I know I can always rely on you to save the day!

Mike Spencer

Amazing service. Jeremy has been so helpful with our house sale. I was in tears thinking we would lose our dream home and he did everything he could to make sure it could happen for us in the quickest time possible. Can’t thank you enough.

Louise Gray

From my very first contact with Upstix. From my very first contact with Upstix, everyone was polite and so helpful. The communication received from Kris was second to none. He always called when he said he would or if he was unable to would ensure one of his colleagues kept us updated as to what was going on. We felt that everyone was on our side and rooting for us to get the best possible outcome. Upstix have enabled us to be able to offer on our forever home and we are so grateful to Kris and his team for all of their help and support.


Great is quick and easy is what your looking for. Kris and Charmayne have been great at keeping us updated and pushing things along for a quick sale. We exchanged in just over 3 weeks as they expected.The price didn’t drop once agreed after the survey, so a hassle free option if easy is what your looking for.

Charlotte Stephenson-Hart


What is a cash home buyer?

Cash home buyers, like UPSTIX, are companies that purchase homes directly using available funds, offering a quick, hassle-free buying process.

Unlike traditional sales involving estate agents and mortgage approvals, we streamline transactions, providing a cash offer and fast closing.This option is ideal for sellers seeking quick turnaround, as it eliminates lengthy market processes.

Do cash buyers offer less?

Cash buyers typically offer below market value to cover costs and risks, providing sellers with a quicker and more reliable sale. This strategy allows sellers to bypass the lengthy and uncertain processes associated with traditional sales, including the wait for buyers to secure mortgage approvals and the risk of financing falling through.

Selling to a cash buyer can be beneficial for those prioritising speed and certainty over maximum sale price, such as individuals facing financial difficulties, foreclosure, or needing to relocate quickly.

How do I find a cash buyer for my house in the UK?

Contact us today to find a cash buyer for your house in the UK. We respond quickly to inquiries, offer quick valuations, and close sales rapidly for houses that meet our criteria.

What house sells fastest for cash?

Houses that are well-maintained and appropriately priced tend to sell the quickest for cash. Properties in good condition appeal more to buyers, including cash investors, as they often require less immediate investment in repairs or renovations.

Correct pricing is crucial; a house priced in line with or slightly below the current market value attracts more interest, leading to a faster sale.

What’s the process to sell a house for cash?

Selling a house for cash involves a simplified process. We can make a cash offer quickly, often within 24 hours, and aim to complete the sale in a significantly reduced timeframe, sometimes in just 7 days for houses that meet our criteria.

Do I need to make repairs before listing the property?

We will consider most types of properties; however, this will be done on a case-by-case basis. We will not consider properties in Zone 1 London, leasehold properties, HMOs, or those within conservation areas.

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