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Smart Sale

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At UPSTIX, we've transformed the way you sell your home. Our ground-breaking Smart Sale service offers more than just speed; it's a commitment to fairness, transparency, and shared success. We're not just buying your home quickly; we're partnering with you for a more rewarding journey.

With Smart Sale, you benefit instantly. Receiving cash in your hands, 6 months or more before it's even sold on the open market. And if your property achieves a higher-than-expected price when we resell, you reap the rewards more than we do. Smart…

Enjoy your earnings sooner

Fast forward to payday

With Smart Sale, you receive 85% or more of your property's value upfront, in as little as a few weeks. This means you get paid months before you would in a traditional sale.

Quick and easy

Skip the lengthy and uncertain process of selling on the open market. We give you a cash offer instantly and buy your property in weeks.

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A bonus on the horizon

Second payment

A fast sale doesn't mean you have to settle for selling below its market value. When we resell your property, there's a chance you’ll earn more. We share the profits with you, offering a second payment when we resell.

Our success is yours

We believe in giving you the fairest deal possible so if your property achieves a higher-than-expected price you benefit from that more than we do.

How selling
to UPSTIX works

Our aim is to simplify the process of selling your home by making it quick, certain and transparent.

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Step 1

Get an offer
on your property

Fill out the online form, and instantly receive a cash offer range for your property. The initial range provides a fair and competitive estimate of what we will offer you, which will be refined once we've confirmed some details with you.

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Step 2

Have an expert verify the value of your home

An independent, RICS qualified surveyor will assess your property and provide an unbiased valuation you can trust.

About our agents
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Step 3

Complete sale
and receive funds

When you accept our offer, we’ll finalise the legal and paperwork. We transfer you the cash on the day you want. We won’t pull out or change our minds. You only pay conveyancing fees

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Step 4

Shared profits

If we sell the property at a later date for more than our valuation we share that profit with you. You get a quick certain sale and a good price.

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Smart sale simplified.

Get a cash offer

Quick and transparent

We give you a cash offer in 48 hours, get it independently validated by a local expert and buy it in weeks.

Streamlined selling

We list your property as soon as we agree on a price, with the best local Estate Agents, speeding up the process even before we complete the purchase from you.

Flexible and fair

Our contract is straightforward – you sell to us with minimal fuss. If we change our offer post-survey, you can walk away at no cost to you.

Clear and honest terms

We purchase between 85% to 90% of the market value, a fair deal for the speed we offer. Our profit-sharing terms are transparent, so you know what to expect.


What is UPSTIX's Smart Sale service?

Smart Sale is a unique home-selling service by UPSTIX that combines the speed and certainty of a cash offer with the potential to benefit from a higher sale price through a traditional estate agent. This service aims to provide sellers with a quick sale while also allowing them to gain additional funds if the property sells for more than the initial cash offer.

How does the Smart Sale process work?

If you believe your property will sell for a higher price than our assessment, UPSTIX will still proceed with the initial offer but will also market the property to try and achieve a higher sale price. This way, you get fast financial certainty from the initial offer and still have the potential to earn more.

How is the profit from the sale shared?

The typical profit share is in the vendor's favour, usually around 60%. This means if the property sells for more than the initial assessment, the majority of the additional profit goes to the vendor.

What if I'm concerned about the choice of estate agent or the selling strategy?

UPSTIX provides full transparency in the selling process. We inform you about the chosen agent, the asking price, marketing strategy, and the terms of profit sharing. All decisions, including any price reductions, are communicated and agreed upon in writing.

How quickly can I expect to receive the initial cash offer?

You can receive a cash offer within 48 hours of your property assessment. This offer is independently validated by a local expert, ensuring fairness and transparency.

What happens if the property doesn't sell for more than the initial assessment?

If the property sells for the assessed value or less, you still benefit from the initial quick cash offer. The Smart Sale service is designed to give you financial certainty and speed, regardless of the final sale price.

Are there any risks or fees if I change my mind after receiving the initial offer?

Our contract is flexible and fair. If we change our offer post-survey, or if you decide to walk away for any reason, there are no costs or penalties to you.

How does UPSTIX ensure a fair sale price is achieved?

We commit to a transparent process with recorded viewings and feedback, and we seek written recommendations from agents before accepting offers or changing prices. This approach ensures that every decision is made with the intent of achieving the best possible sale price.

What sets UPSTIX's Smart Sale apart from traditional selling methods?

UPSTIX’s Smart Sale offers the best of both worlds: the speed and certainty of a cash offer, combined with the potential for a higher sale price.

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Our aim is to simplify the process of selling your home by making it quick, certain and transparent.
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