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Best Places to Live in Manchester

Best Places to Live in Manchester

Thinking of making Manchester your new home?

You're in for a treat! This city isn't just about football and music; it's a patchwork of neighborhoods, each with its own vibe. In this guide, we'll take you on a quick tour around Manchester's coolest spots. From the trendy hangouts in the Northern Quarter to the peaceful canalside walks in Castlefield, and the leafy, family-friendly streets of Altrincham – there's a perfect corner in Manchester for everyone.

Let's find your ideal spot in one of the best places to live in Manchester!

Ancoats: A Hub for Creatives and Foodies

Ancoats, a neighborhood that seamlessly blends its industrial heritage with a modern, vibrant lifestyle, is a top choice for creatives and food enthusiasts. Known for its independent culinary scene, Ancoats offers a range of dining experiences from street food to high-end restaurants. The area's unique character is complemented by its historical mill-lined streets and modern residential developments, making it a prime location for those seeking a dynamic urban life.

The average sold price for a property in Ancoats in the last 12 months is £269,197*

Castlefield: Tranquil Urban Living

Castlefield stands out for its serene ambiance amidst the city's hustle. Its historic architecture, reflecting Manchester's industrial past, and the picturesque canals offer a peaceful living environment. The area is not just about tranquility; it's also known for its cultural offerings, including live music events and art exhibitions, making it an ideal spot for those who appreciate a blend of history, culture, and modern living.

The average sold price for a property in Castlefield in the last 12 months is £241,865*

Altrincham: Suburban Charm with Urban Amenities

Altrincham, a market town that has evolved significantly over the years, is now a sought-after location for home buyers. It offers a mix of housing options, from Victorian homes to contemporary apartments. The town is known for its lively market, diverse shops, and quality schools, making it a perfect blend of suburban comfort and urban amenities.

The average sold price for a property in Altrincham in the last 12 months is £373,732*

Deansgate: The Heart of Manchester's Buzz

Deansgate, a major road running through Manchester's city centre, is a prime spot for young professionals. With its mix of historic charm and modern conveniences, the area offers an array of shopping and dining options. The transformation of the Victorian train station into a cinema adds to the area's appeal, while maintaining excellent transport links.

The average sold price for a property in Deansgate in the last 12 months is £258,333*

Northern Quarter: A Trendsetter's Paradise

The Northern Quarter is renowned for its artistic and bohemian vibe, attracting a young, trendy crowd. This area is filled with quirky shops, galleries, bars, and restaurants, making it the cultural and social hub of Manchester. It's a place where creativity thrives, and there's always something new and exciting to explore.

The average sold price for a property in Deansgate in the last 12 months is £253,497**

Rusholme: Affordable and Vibrant

Rusholme is known for its affordability and vibrancy, particularly popular among students and young professionals. The area is famed for the Curry Mile, offering a plethora of dining options. Despite its reputation for safety concerns, Rusholme remains a lively and diverse neighborhood, with good schools and convenient transport links.

The average sold price for a property in Rusholme in the last 12 months is £210,848*

Spinningfields: The Epitome of Sophistication

Spinningfields is Manchester's upscale district, home to high-end businesses, chic bars, and fine dining. It's a magnet for professionals seeking a blend of career opportunities and a high-quality social life. The area offers luxury living spaces and is often compared to London's Canary Wharf for its sleek, modern feel.

Millennium Quarter: Historic Meets Modern

The Millennium Quarter has undergone significant transformation, now offering a vibrant lifestyle with a blend of history and modernity. Landmarks like the Cathedral and the National Football Museum add cultural depth, while the area's pubs and open spaces provide a lively social scene.

Green Quarter: An Emerging Green Oasis

The Green Quarter is undergoing a revitalisation, emerging as an eco-friendly and sustainable living area. Its close proximity to the city centre makes it convenient, while ongoing developments are enhancing its appeal as a community-focused and environmentally conscious neighbourhood.

Chorlton: Diverse and Community-Oriented

Chorlton is known for its diversity and strong community spirit. The area boasts a mix of independent shops, cafes, and green spaces, making it attractive to a wide demographic, including families and young professionals. Chorlton's property market is booming, reflecting its popularity as a place to live.

Each of these neighborhoods in Manchester offers unique attributes, catering to a diverse range of preferences and lifestyles. Whether you're looking for a bustling urban environment, a quiet suburban setting, or a trendy cultural hotspot, Manchester has a place that can meet your needs.

The average sold price for a property in Chorlton Cum Hardy in the last 12 months is £412,207*

Selling your property in Manchester?

Manchester's neighbourhoods are as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. Whether you're drawn to the creative energy of Ancoats, the tranquillity of Castlefield, the suburban charm of Altrincham, or the trendsetting vibes of the Northern Quarter, there's a spot in Manchester that perfectly matches your lifestyle.

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*House Prices - Supplied by Zoopla - Last updated June 2024
**House Prices - Supplied by Rightmove - Last updated June 2024

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