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Packing Hacks with Nicola Lewis - UPSTIX exclusive.

Packing Hacks with Nicola Lewis - UPSTIX exclusive.

Packing can be incredibly stressful. Here are some great packing hacks from one of the best organisation experts around.

This Girl Can Organise - she really can!

Nicola Lewis, or as she’s better known, 'This Girl Can Organise', is a professional organiser, decluttering expert and restorer of calm in homes across the UK and beyond. Who better to ask for advice when it comes to packing up your house for the big move?

Perfect packing hacks to get you ready for moving day.

Nicola's packing hacks are legendary. Her fad-free tips and easy to follow tutorials have earned her an army of online followers, looking to bring order to their lives one drawer at a time. Today though she is giving her best tips to ensure that you feel completely organised and in control on moving day.

Top packing tips just for you.

Here, exclusive to UPSTIX, she shares her top packing hack tips for a stress-free house move. Choose the tips you want to watch or view the whole video in full below. Grab a pen and pencil (if you can find them) and take note. You won't regret it!

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Environmentally-friendly hacks.

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