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Everyone else will sell your house. UPSTIX will buy it. Let's compare.

Everyone else will sell your house. UPSTIX will buy it. Let's compare.

You’ve probably never sold a house to an iBuyer before. In fact, you may not have even heard the term ‘iBuying’ before today. That’s why we’re here to show you exactly what you can expect from the UPSTIX process, and how our service compares to the traditional estate agency or auction methods you may be more familiar with.

Put simply, everyone else will sell your house. UPSTIX will buy it.

But don’t be fooled; a new process doesn’t equal inexperience. Our team of experts have a hugely successful track record in residential property businesses that spans over 25 years. It’s this knowledge, combined with the frustrations rooted in standard property transactions that led us to develop this alternative option for sellers to give you options and greater choice. We use our experience, technology and data to make the process seamless and stress free, so you can move on. Fast.

Let’s break it down.


The ‘I’ in iBuying stands for instant. We speed up the process of selling your house, reducing it from an average 5-7 months to a matter of days. Our cash only offer will always be fair and competitive, and we’ll have the funds in your bank account in as little as seven days from the moment you accept it. Cutting out the complexities means cutting down the points of contact you’re responsible for dealing with on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Multiple calls, emails and letters, never quite knowing where one person’s job begins and another person’s ends, will be a thing of the past.

But choosing to move quickly doesn’t mean losing that personal touch. When UPSTIX makes you an offer on your property we’ll assign you an UPSTIX expert, a named person who’ll be your go-to point of contact through every stage of the process.


We believe in transparency. The final cash offer we provide typically involves an 11% discount on market valuation. However when you take into account that UPSTIX cover all the fees of sale, with the exception of conveyancing charges, that discount reduces to less than 4%. We will take you through all our calculations too so you completely understand the offer we give you.

The table below shows you how we compare against more traditional residential property sales routes:


With UPSTIX there are no more nail-biting moments while you wait for completion, no more holding back from planning ahead. From the moment you accept our cash offer your completion is guaranteed, so in as little as seven days you’ll be able to move forward and focus on the things that matter.

And if seven days doesn’t work for you, that’s fine too. With UPSTIX you can choose a completion date that works for you, not the pushiest party in your chain.


In the UK today, professional fees associated with house selling (typically agent and legal fees) average a whopping £8,600 to £11,900, depending on how you choose to sell. When UPSTIX buys your house, we’ll ask you to cover conveyancing fees, usually around £2,000. That’s it. No more assertive agents pushing services you don’t know if you need, or multiple quotes that will leave you bemused and overwhelmed.


Whilst many of us who have bought and sold property in the past have a good idea about agency fees, stamp duty and solicitors’ costs, we may not have understood the hidden costs that lurk within long lead times, endless chains and months-long negotiations. The most costly offender is mortgage payments while waiting to complete, thought to cost UK property owners an average of £10,450 when selling through an estate agent, or £3,025 via auction.

Add to that the cost of utility and council tax while waiting to sell, estimated to be between £1,650 and £5,500 and rising sharply at unprecedented rates, and your unforeseen expenses could reach worrying sums.

By choosing UPSTIX, and selling in as little as seven days, these hidden costs needn’t keep you awake at night.


UPSTIX is unlocking the way houses are bought and sold – fast. Want to chat to us about your property? No problem. Our experts are on hand to help.

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Fees quoted in this article are representative of the average UK property price of £275,000 (December 2021).

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Our aim is to simplify the process of selling your home by making it quick, certain and transparent.
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