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Your 101 on iBuying

Your 101 on iBuying


If you’ve ever sold your house before - or are trying to now – you’ll probably agree that it can be very stressful. It’s a drawn out experience – and one that can put a huge strain on our everyday life and wellbeing.

Over 800,000 homes are sold annually in the UK, but many sellers are beset by delays because home sales are part of a chain with other sales and purchases, and if one of these other deals falls through, this has knock-on impacts on the sale.

According to Zoopla, the average time to complete a sale from offer accepted increased from 90 days to 115 days in 2021. The full sales process from putting a property on the market to completion can take up to 9 months. At any point during the sales process there is always a chance that the sale may fall through.

Thankfully, a solution has arrived on the scene that gives you the choice to do things differently.

Welcome to ‘iBuying’ – a smart new way to sell and buy houses, fast. UPSTIX is at the forefront of the iBuying movement in the UK. We’re the quick cash buyers. Because if there’s one thing that unites us all at UPSTIX, it’s helping people move house quickly, and move forward fast. And we all agree that iBuying is the way to do it.


Simplifying the process by cutting out painfully long negotiation periods, iBuying revolves around getting you, the seller, our best offer as quickly as possible. And at UPSTIX, it’s possible to have a fast and fair offer in your inbox in a matter of hours.

To break down the iBuying method a little more, we’ve outlined everything we think you need to know before making a move yourself. Have a read and reach out to our experts if you have any questions along the way – we’re available on live chat for your immediate needs.


It really is one of the biggest benefits of selling with UPSTIX. A free online cash offer in your inbox either instantly or within 48 hours. An offer that’s competitive and fair and typically just a 4% discount on your property’s market value when you consider all the fees of sale that UPSTIX cover.

And once you have your offer on the table, you can take control of your move right away. In fact, you can even sell your property in 7 days from accepting our offer if that’s what you want to do. That’s what we mean when we say no one moves quicker than UPSTIX.


These days all companies will say they are “digital first” but we really are. We use technology to help us crunch billions of data points across 30m UK properties, allowing us to quickly assess local pricing and establish demand. We take data around the market, size and age of your property, and bigger market indicators like interest rates and employment, to determine valuations using machine learning. Every company will use a different model, but at the heart is an online algorithm that determines a valuation for your property and then we provide your cash offer.

If you don’t feel happy with your quote, we encourage you to talk to one of our experts. We will always share our calculations with you and we pride ourselves on our competitive offers; after all, they are based on the most accurate insights around. This process also cuts out multiple viewings, reductions and painful negotiations, which we all know can take weeks and often months – with no guarantee of making it to completion. With our service, you’re getting a fast and fair cash offer virtually on the spot and a guaranteed sale. We don’t hang around, we provide certainty of sale and get you moving quickly.


Once you have accepted our free no obligation competitive cash offer, we purchase your house exactly as it is. We then make our profit from selling your house – it’s a key part of our commercial model and we’re totally transparent about it from day one. So, whether your property is newly renovated or in need of a lick of paint, or more, you can sell your house to us in any state. This is still a huge benefit to sellers who are concerned about decor or fittings. Many people can become overwhelmed by the task of making their house as attractive as possible to put on the market. Rest assured, you can hand over your keys to us without touching the property any further. Those holes in the wall are fine. We’ve got you covered.


One of the biggest benefits of the iBuying model is the control it gives you to choose completion and move dates. As part of our process, we will always give you the choice of completion date and do our absolute best to deliver to this date or as close to it as possible. As we also give you an all cash offer – with funds in your bank account as quickly as 7 days later – you can move to your next property without any overlap between houses. So, you don’t have to find temporary housing, and you’ll never have to miss out on the property you really want, simply because you can’t sell your own. Now that’s a smart move.


One of the biggest barriers to iBuying is the service fee, which is higher than the typical 4-6% that you’d expect from an estate agent. But that’s because people aren’t considering all the other costs that come with buying. Everything from closing costs and relocation fees through to repairs – and even the rent or mortgage you pay on the property while you wait for an offer to come in, and complete. These costs soon mount up – often to around 10% of the house’s sale price. So, with this in mind, iBuying is not only convenient in terms of speed, but incredibly cost-efficient, too.


So that’s your whistle-stop tour around the world of iBuying. We hope you agree it’s a smart and exciting way to sell and buy houses, giving the vendor more choice and the opportunity to do things differently.

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