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Why isn't my house selling?

Why isn't my house selling?

Having problems selling your house?

You’ve made a big decision: it’s time to sell. You’ve done all the hard work of getting the property on the market and preparing for those all-important viewings. The weeks and months tick by, and, frustratingly, you still haven’t sold. What’s holding you back? Why isn't your house selling?

Let's look at some common pitfalls together.

Is the price right?

A good way to gauge how much your house is worth is by researching recently sold property prices in your area. Estate agents will advise on the best sale price based on location, similar properties and the state of the property market. But potential buyers could be put off if it’s pitched too high or too low. It sounds obvious but remember that your house is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay for it. Consider getting at least three valuations to ensure you have a balanced and realistic view.

Are the photos good enough?

Most people start their property search online. This means that top-quality, professional photos to whet a buyer’s appetite are a must. If it was a dark and dreary day when they were taken, or the angle isn’t right, then don’t be afraid to redo them. Only you know when your house looks at its best.

Are there other ways to advertise?

If you’ve got an estate agent, it’s important to make sure they list your property on all the main online portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket. You benefit when the ‘for sale’ sign in a prominent place outside the property, advertising in your local paper, and even generating some interest on social media too.

Is the house clean and tidy?

If you're house isn't selling but you’re getting viewings, is there something deterring buyers once they step through the front door? It sounds simple, but neatly made beds, sparkling work surfaces, freshly cut flowers, and inviting smells in the kitchen, could make all the difference.

And don’t forget your outside space. According to Rightmove, some buyers do a ‘drive-by’ of your property before even thinking about stepping inside. So, hide the bins, tidy up the front garden and get those windows glistening.

Is it the right time?

It’s widely accepted that March, April and May are the best months to sell. If your house goes on sale in November or December then it could be suffering from a seasonal slump in the property market? Similarly, if the market conditions aren’t right and external factors are limiting the pool of buyers (think Brexit, COVID-19 or high inflation), should you wait until conditions improve?

Sell with certainty

So why isn't your house selling? It’s not easy being stuck in house-selling limbo. That’s where we come in. With UPSTIX, you can have a fast and fair offer in your inbox in a matter of hours. And the good news is you don’t need to tidy and prepare your property. And you won't be disturbed by lots of viewings. No more waiting and wondering why your house isn’t selling. We can speed you through a stress-free process and take you from offer to completion in a matter of days.

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